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Heat Recuperator on Grey Waters

Heat Recuperator on Grey Waters

Introductory word to heat recovery on waste waters with a view to the balneological facilities.

Heat recovery is purported to recover the thermal content of the heat-carrying medium, for example, the balneological waters, back to the thermal system process.

The utilised thermal content of balneological waters is given by the values below:

  1. water specific heat: about 1.15 [kWh/(m³.K)]
  2. water quantity: [m³]
  3. water heating: [K]

Typical example

  • To heat one balneological tub of about 0.3[m³] of 35[K] = 45[°C] -10[°C], the addition of about 12[kWh] of heat is required.
  • If we use a Heat Pumps to put this heat back into the process, we have to exert about 1/4 of this energy = about 3[kWh] to drive this pump.
  • Then the waste water flows away into the sewerage system as cold as the temperature of fresh water from the water main.
  • The given calculation is naturally simplified; it does not cover the system diversity and consequent thermal losses.
  • If required, it is also advantageous to extend the Heat Pumps’s function when it is improved by integrating it into the structure’s air-conditioning process.

Heat recovery on waste waters from balneological processes