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Storage-type Heat Transfer Station PAST®

Storage-type Heat Transfer Station PAST®

PAST® (Storage-type Heat Transfer Station) is a thermally insulated heating water reservoir that can be fitted with the required built-in heat exchangers for separated circuits, the connectors for non-separated circuits, and the welded-on pieces for electrical cartridge heaters.

The connectors for non-separated circuits are used to connect the boilers on the thermal source side and to connect the heating circuits on the heat extraction side. Heating water flows through these circuits.

Such heat-carrying media that must not be mixed with heating water flow through the heat exchangers built in the PAST vessel. It is mainly water from the water main, the anti-freezing fluid of the solar collector circuit, the heating water of the remote piping of the CHS (central heat supply), and process recuperation fluid.

Technological assessment

The PAST® system offers the possibilities below:

  • integration of various thermal sources into one heating system
  • completion of the carrying source of the CHS with other required sources, for example, solar energy, and so on
  • coverage of sudden extraction peaks that may also represent the output of connected thermal sources
  • the minimisation of scale sedimentation and problems with legionella occurring during hot water heating
  • stable function of the control system and regulating system

Brochure – PAST® for download.

Connection diagrams