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The profile of TECHTRANS PT s.r.o.

The profile of TECHTRANS PT s.r.o.

Our company purports to contribute to the transformation of fossil power engineering into regenerative power engineering.

The importance of power engineering transformation

Fossil power engineering weighs on the environment in a serious manner. It is predominantly a chemical, radioactive, and thermal burden. Let us not forget the acidification and intoxication of soils, waters, and organisms, and the consequent climatic changes.

Irrespective of these serious consequences of a burdened environment, no other goal may be set than the total transformation of power engineering for reasons of exhaustibility. The successful transformation process must be timely and it must be accompanied by energy saving efforts.

Thus, TECHTRANS PT s.r.o. want to accompany the power engineering transformation with their own innovative conceptual contributions, predominantly in the field of heat engineering for fuel and hot water heating, heat recovery, air-conditioning, and active power constructions.


The business activities of TECHTRANS PT s.r.o. therefore concentrate predominantly in the development, production, implementation, and marketing of the products below:

  • Storage-type heat transfer stations (PAST®), that associate optional thermal sources into one thermal system
  • Heat recuperators on grey waters and other media of waste process heat
  • Air-conditioning systems with recuperation and air conditioning
  • Low-Energy PLUS Houses (energetically active constructions with yearly surplus energy)
  • Special heat engineering facilities for balneological plants
  • Control and regulating systems
  • Metrical firewood-fuelled boilers


The history of expert and business activities of the founders of Techtrans PT s.r.o. is based on the expertise of power engineering, measuring & regulation, and heat engineering in the field of electrical engineering, nuclear technology, solar technology, and the environmental and balneological technologies in the following countries: Czech Republic, Germany and Spain..